I need some racing!

What happens without any racing!

What happens without any racing!

It’s now almost a month since the major racing seasons all came to an end with Ford Championship Weekend for Nascar at Homestead-Miami Speedway.  While the break is nice, I need my fix of auto racing!

How can one have a smorgasboard of racing to choose from Nascar, IRL, GrandAm, ALMS, F-1, USAC, World of Outlaws, and on and on to absolutely NOTHING! 

Why not a series based in South America or Australia getting some TV time?  I know the V-8 series in Australia that gave us Marcos Ambrose has some absolutely fantastic racing.  Get a couple of Americans to head “Down Under” and participate.  Speed has got nothing else to put on the air, so bring it to us!

Now, with no testing at Daytona, we’re kind of stuck until the beginning of February without any major racing activity in the US.  That’s almost 3 full months without breathing exhaust fumes, sniffing burning tire rubber, and having a few cold ones with some fellow fans.

Someone in the U.S. is missing a golden opportunity to fill the void from mid November to the beginning of February with racing that would at least let us “addicts” have a chance of restoring purpose to our lives. I mean, we actually now have to talk to members of our own family and do all those “Honey do” projects we put off because there was racin’ on the tube or in person!  This is America, WE NEED OUR RACING 365!


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