More trouble for Nascar

Time to put on the "thinking hat" for Nascar

Time to put on the "thinking hat" for Nascar

I hate to keep hammering on Nascar and the trouble that group is in (see previous post) but it would seem it is getting worse than just the situation of the Big 3.

Ad Age has a story today on “Sponsor exodus from Nascar” 

It’s not as if we haven’t seen this as the smaller Nascar teams in Sprint Cup are struggling, Nationwide teams only get sponsors if they are using Cup drivers, and the Camping World Series is on life support when it comes to sponsors. (Just look at series champ Johnny Benson with no sponsorship on-board!)

The Advertising Age story only covers the tip of the iceberg.

Alltel is probably gone at the end of the season as they are in the middle of a merger. AT&T is going bye-bye. 

Who wants to really spend millions upon millions of dollars without return on those dollars in multiples of the investment?

Sponsorship is more than slapping your company’s name on the car and the driver.  Activation of that sponsorship with TV commercials, displays, die-casts, T-shirts, and so on, doubles the dollars on sponsorship.  Anyone have that kind of money in today’s market?

What’s the answer?  I really don’t know.

I’ve been around racing long enough to know that if an owner/team has one extra dollar lying around they’ll spend it on something to improve their performance.

As I’ve stated before, it’s time for a meeting of all the “shareholders” in Nascar.  That’s the France family and their corporate execs sitting down with team owners, drivers, representatives from the crews, car companies, sponsors, and maybe even a few fans.  No idea should be off the table.

Just like Congress call for the Big 3 to “reinvent”themselves, Nascar needs to do the same thing before they are asking the taxpayers for a bailout.


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