Racing is all about friendships

Last Saturday night, I took on the challenge of over six inches of snow that was continuing to fall to attend a get-together of fans, officials, and media of what was CART/ChampCar/IndyCar racing at the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in Novi, Michigan.  The reason I braved barely plowed roads was to see people who I consider to be my second family that I hadn’t seen in several years.

The night to me was amazing and so much fun.  These were people I travelled the world with, that I worked beside as a broadcaster for CART, that I partied with, and even at times wept with when tragedy struck us.

We took care of each other because we were family.  Yes, we all were doing a job during those days, but we also built relationships that will last forever. We shared our lives and our passion for racing, and although the days could be long, enjoyed each race weekend because our friends were around us.

2009 Friends of Champ Car CelebrationThrough out the night, the stories flowed, memories were jogged, and I’ll admit, the adult beverages were consumed. It was non-stop conversation and laughter, and when the night did have to end in the early hours of the next morning, all said a heartfelt goodbye.

On my drive home it dawned on me why I like auto racing so much.  Yes, there is the excitement that happens on the track, but it was the friendships I had built off the track that made it so important to me. These were people I’d do anything in the world for and I know they would do the same in return for me. 

I can’t wait until next year when another “family” reunion takes place!  I’m already working on new lies to tell!


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