Fox Sports is letting down Nascar teams

Fox%20Sports%20Logo I’m sure if you weren’t in Daytona, just like me, you were parked in front of your TV Sunday watching the Daytona 500 on Fox.

We had to endure pre-race programming that was barely shorter than the six hours of pre-game hype for the Super Bowl.

Once the race started, we were bombarded with a commercial break it seemed about every 5 minutes.  If that wasn’t enough, commercial crawls came across the top of the screen and sometimes at the bottom.  How many sponsored “quizzes” were there in the broadcast? 

I know Fox needs to pay the bills but it got absolutely ridiculous in the Daytona 500.

What really upset me, Fox has now fallen into the ESPN habit of only concentrating on the front-runners and the “big” names of the sport.

How many times did you hear anything during the race about Bill Elliott? Did David Reutimann park his car and do some fishing in Lake LLoyd? What ever happened to Casey Mears, John Andretti, Ragan Smith, Robby Gordon and Sam Hornish, Jr?

It wasn’t just the back of the field guys.  You didn’t hear much said about Kurt Busch, Bobby Labonte, or Marcos Ambrose.

At the end, Fox all but forgot the likes of Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Juan Pablo Montoya, and even David Ragan who finished 6th.

Wasn’t anyone interested, especially in Edwards and Gordon if they could make it back to the front?

This only focusing on a handful of drivers and only those at the front is a trend that really started during the Chase for the Sprint Cup on ESPN last year.  It does a disservice to the other drivers and teams who need the publicity to keep their sponsors onboard and their fans informed.

At one time, Fox  would drop back in the field and follow battles for 17th or 25th.  They’d give a “shout out” to someone having a good day from a smaller team.  Now, it’s all eyes on the front and the “name” drivers and teams.

In these tough economic times, Fox and also ESPN, need to recognize they have a part to play in these teams surviving. Does it hurt to give every one of the starting 43 cars a few seconds of airtime during the broadcast?  Remember, the teams are selling that name on their car and if they are getting no TV time each week, those names disappear and so do the cars.  (Anyone remember that at one time, Fox had planned to use sponsor logos of each car during driver introductions?)

Fox, get back to your roots.  Let’s talk about the entire race that is going on and not just the one between the five cars at the front.


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