First Digger and now Nascar Smarts?

Just how stupid do the folks at Fox/Speed think we are?  Obviously the answer is very stupid.

Digger Tshirt First Fox gave us Digger.  It was cute the first couple of times that DW and the guys coined the name for the in-track camera, but now Digger is part of the broadcast team!

How many Digger references are there during the Fox Nascar telecast?  Are we race fans so stupid (or drunk) that we think this animated character adds anything to the race coverage?

Of course Fox is looking at Digger as a chance to sell more merchandise and to do a separate animated Digger show. How nice.

All we race fans want is to actually to be able to watch the damn race and know what the hell is going on! (Sorry for the language, but I can’t help it!)

Nascar Smarts Logo Now, Speed has come up with the outstanding game show “Nascar Smarts” which pits two contestants against each other in a Nascar trivia contest.  This features Kyle Petty and Rutledge Wood.

I unfortunately caught it for the first time last night and immediately wondered if the Speed honchos had come up with the idea while staying in the Talladega infield one too many nights.

What an idiotic program and it replaced “Tradin’ Paint” which I thought was a very good discussion show on Nascar. 

I’d settle for reruns of old races instead of that joke of a show which I believe “Nascar Smarts” to be!

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe fans love both Digger and Nascar Smarts.  I just know I don’t and hope we don’t allow Fox and Speed to dumb down a sport that has already dumbed down the racing on the track.  It could turn me into..God help me, an ice skating fan!