A void in my racing life about to be filled!

I have been involved in auto racing as a broadcaster since the late 1970’s.  During that time, I’ve broadcast the Indianapolis 500, worked as a PA announcer at Daytona and travelled the world in my CART days going to tracks across America along with Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and Australia.  I even did the last F-1 race in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace! However, until this weekend, I had never been to Phoenix International Raceway.

That’s right.  Somehow in all my time involved in racing, especially open-wheel, I somehow had missed out on PIR, the site of many great Indy type car races.

How this happened, I don’t know.  I guess when I really got into doing all the CART events, PIR was off the schedule and there was a time that the IMS Radio Network only did Indy and none of the other races on the schedule.

This weekend, I’ll be there and have a chance to check off another historic venue from my list of auto racing iconic tracks.  Now if I can just get someone to underwrite a trip to the 24 Hours of LeMans and the Monaco Grand Prix, I’ll be a very happy racing guy! 


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