Pit Pass USA debuts June 2 on the Power Up Channel!

promo_henry Because the world was clamoring for it, Pit Pass USA is moving to the new Power UP Channel at www.PowerUpChannel.com starting on June 2nd.  The program will be on the air at 7PM ET, 4PM PT each Tuesday.

Pit Pass USA will not change from what I currently am doing.  It will mostly consistent of interviews with drivers, owners, crew members, media members, and at times, even fans each week.

The show is not just a Nasser show, or an Indy Car show, or a sports car show.  I try and cover everything.  Think of me as the online version of the old ABC Wide World of Sports without the budget.

One hallmark of the program has always been bringing the stories of more than big name racers.  You’ll hear from ARCA drivers, Nasser Camping World East & West drivers, USAC, World of Outlaws, go-karts, anyone I can find that I feel has an interesting story to tell about pursuing their passion to race.

I’ve been around big time racing since the mid 70’s and was part of the Indianapolis 500 Radio Network from 1980 through 1995 before joining CART and doing their broadcasts all over the world.  I currently am a track announcer at several venues such as Michigan International Speedway and Daytona Speedway.  I do weekly freelance work for Ford Racing online.


Because of all of that experience, I have built a reputation in the business with wide access to many people.

My hope is to bring you as man different people from different series as I possibly can.

I even would like your help in finding deserving drivers or teams with great stories at your local short track across America.  Drop me an email and briefly tell me their story and why they deserve to be interviewed on Pit Pass USA.  If I am convinced, they’ll get about 12 minutes of fame on the program.  Just email me at LarryHenry@PitPassUSA.co.

I’m also looking for sponsors for the program.  We’re not looking to break the bank but we also have opportunities to do marketing campaigns within the program.  Just get in touch with Stefani Paul us at Stefani@PowerUpChannel.com.

I hope you enjoy the program each week.  I’ll do my best to bring you interesting conversations.  Again, we kick off Tuesday June 2nd, 7pm ET at www.powerupchannel.com.


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