The IRL Needs Paul Tracy!

Paul Tracy The highlight of Sunday’s Indy Car race in Toronto wasn’t the win by Dario Franchitti but an accident on-track between Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves and Toronto area native Paul Tracy.

In typical PT style, Paul saw an opening to get around Castroneves, went for it, and the two collided ending the day for both cars. Every replay showed this was just one of those “racing incidents” where no one was really at blame. However, that wasn’t how the partisan Toronto fans saw it.

As Castroneves was being interviewed by ABC TV, thunderous boos could be heard from the thousands in attendance, and the booing kept going through out the entire interview.  Helio obviously heard them and even admitted he knew he was Enemy #1 at that moment possibly in the entire Ontario province just not Toronto.

That one move and that one moment shows that the IRL needs Paul Tracy.  Just like Kyle Busch has gotten fans burning up message boards in Nascar, Paul Tracy can do the same for the IRL.

Let’s be honest.  The IRL has a very small fan base.  The general public barely knows anyone in the series outside of Danica Patrick and Helio Castroneves.  Race fans though know Paul Tracy.

PT is a lightning rod.  You wait and see what he’s going to do on the race track.  Will he make a brash move and make it work, or will he wind-up on the hook along with another combatant or two that he’s tangled with?

Tracy also isn’t one to mince words.  Paul says whatever is on his mind, politically correct or “series” correct never enters his mindset.  He’s a breath of fresh air. (Check out PT’s website Official Home of the Chrome Horn!)

image PT is a smart marketer’s dream in promoting a race but no one in the IRL seems to want to give him a ride other than KV Racing and Jimmy Vasser.  They know what PT can do and that he helps bring media attention to their team and possibly sponsors along with it.

Hopefully the IRL powers-that-be figure out that Paul Tracy not only deserves to be racing in their series, but that their series desperately needs him to help rebuild a fan base it has lost.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening, but one can always dream.



  1. Couldn’t agree more, the race in Toronto had me on the edge of my seat like a great race should, and a lot of that credit goes to Paul Tracy. Spectacular race!

  2. Great point.

    Driver’s like Tracy, are who keep fans engaged in the product and keep them coming back for more. He makes a perfect “Villain” people who are not fans can quickly identify with… Some will instantly love him with passion, others will hate his guts. A series needs a whole cast of them.

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