Nascar, I’m Bored!

I’m bored.  Maybe it’s the length of the season, maybe it’s the hours upon hours of television coverage each week, maybe it’s races that seem to go on forever but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to watch a Nascar race from start-to-finish or even more than five minutes at a time!  I discuss my plight in this latest Exhaust Fumes video blog.


Is it time to stop racing at Talladega?

On Sunday at Talladega two Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars wound up airborne and upside down.  Ryan Newman took a wild ride that saw his car land eventually on its roof, which was crushed in. He had to be cut out of his car once it was flipped over.  Luckily he walked away.  Mark Martin went upside down on a green-white-checkered finish.  This came just months after Carl Edwards got airborne and went into the catch fence in front of the grandstand which injured several fans thanks to flying debris.

My question is it time to stop racing at Talladega because it’s too dangerous not just for the drivers but also the fans?  I try and answer that question in this Exhaust Fumes video blog.