The Danica Circus has come to town!

ARCA just finished 3 days of testing at Daytona International Speedway and it seems the only story from the weekend is that IndyCar star Danica Patrick was on hand!

Even though 10 women participated in the test and Ali Owens was third quickest overall, it was Danica all the time!  I give my take on the situation and what will probably lie ahead in this Exhaust Fumes video blog.


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  1. I first witnessed the Patrick phenomenon at RIR during an INDYCAR autograph signing session several years ago. On one side of the room sat Castroneves & Hornish, two winners of the Indy 500 on the other sat Danica Patrick. The line for autographs of Castroneves & Hornish was sizeable but the line for Patrick’s signature was GARGANTUAN and eclipsed that of the Indy 500 winners by a factor of ten. She’s the “IT GIRL” or “THAT GIRL” of the twenty-first century. Perhaps not even her mediocrity can influence the public’s perception of her.

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