Is gossip “journalism” headed to Nascar?

TMZ Nascar and every major racing series in the United States should be quaking in their boots.  TMZ is about to be unleashed on the sports world and the big bulls eye is squarely on Nascar.

That tidbit of information comes from my friend and fellow PowerUp Channel host Mike Knight on his Spin Doctor 500 blog. (

I won’t go into the details as you can get them from reading Mike’s post.  If this indeed happens, and I have no doubt it will, be prepared for some very dirty laundry to be aired. (Danica are you ready to be followed 24 hours a day as you may have the biggest bulls eye of all right now because of your star power?)

Speaking from experience, I knew things in my CART radio days about individuals within the series that I would never share with the public, with many of them that would have been highly embarrassing and possibly damaging to their careers. Why didn’t I report or talk about these things?  Because they had nothing to do with the sport.  They were part of their PRIVATE lives!

Somehow we’ve gotten to the point that a big part of America and the world have become voyeurs.  We want the dirt and we don’t care if it destroys someone’s life or livelihood.

I’ve done play-by-play for both professional teams and major college teams in my career.  I’ve seen many things that could have been shocking to many but none were violations of any law.  They were human mistakes most times made by bad judgment.

I have always approached working within the sports industry with one saying. “If the drinks are on the table everything is off the record.” 

Unfortunately in this day and age especially with cell phone cameras and Flip Video cams everywhere, any hope of privacy and “off the record” is quickly disappearing. Do we really want our sports heroes destroyed?  Be prepared because that looks like exactly what is about to happen.


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