Danica,Danica,Danica but what about the Daytona 500?

DaytonaDanicaPatrick-1.jpg I have now been in Daytona for over two weeks and it seems there is only one topic of discussion.  It is not the Daytona 500 but instead all about Danica Patrick.

Patrick of course made her stock car debut this past Saturday in the ARCA series and did a solid job coming home 6th while also having a great save of her race car that had been turned on the track.

957T9932_resize.JPG The media horde as I like to call them looked like a pack of hungry wolves after she climbed out of the car snapping pictures and looking for quotes.  Meanwhile overlooked was that Bobby Gerhart had just claimed his 6th ARCA win at Daytona.  Gerhart barely grabbed a paragraph of the race story.

Now Patrick is moving up her Nascar Nationwide Series debut to this weekend at Daytona and that is all that just about anyone is talking about.

I spoke with Lee Spencer who is a columnist for Fox Sports dot com and she said that’s the biggest story at Daytona.

Isn’t this supposed to be about “The Great American Race” and it’s eventual winner?

Seems that Danica now has become the “Rock Star” of racing and everyone else, including 4-time straight Sprint Cup title holder Jimmy Johnson is an after thought.

I realize that Nascar needs to draw fans in, especially on TV, but it would be nice to have some balance.  We’ll see what happens on Saturday when Danica goes against some of the best drivers in the world with many Cup drivers doing the Nationwide race.

Oh, by the way, if you forgot, the Daytona 500 without Danica Patrick is on Sunday.


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  1. How do you think Brett Rowe in the #75 car will do this weekend?


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