IndyCar, please stop the gimmicks!

DSC_0190 Desperate times require desperate measures I guess but IndyCar’s propensity for gimmicks over improved product and listening to the REAL fans of Indy car racing is driving me even crazier than I normally am.

First came the Indianapolis Motor Speedway changing qualifying rules AGAIN by saying you have to qualify TWICE to win the pole for the Indianapolis 500. (Read the story here)

Now in its infinite wisdom, IndyCar has decided that  crowning a series champion isn’t enough, they need a champion for the road/street circuit portion of their season, one for ovals, and then an overall champion! (Here are the details on this insanity!)

New CEO Randy Bernard says he did this to create more “major” races outside the Indianapolis 500.  What, saying they go for a “championship” make them “major?” Sorry dude, get a clue!

What makes a race major are the participants not the gimmicks.

The Indianapolis 500 became what it was (my opinion to use past tense) because of the men and women that raced there.  There was a time when the best-of- the-best raced at Indianapolis. Fans went to 16th and Georgetown because the heroes of racing from the USAC ranks, Nascar, Formula One and even road racing came to Indianapolis.  There was also the mixture of exotic cars. (Read previous post)

Not that long ago people were drawn to the races to see the likes of Rick Mears, Al Unser Sr. and Jr., Mario and Michael Andretti, Bobby Rahal, Emerson Fittipaldi, Nigel Mansell, Gil deFerran and so many more.  Hideki Mutoh just doesn’t do it.

What IndyCar fans want is great racing, great stars, great cars and an understanding of WHY they are IndyCar fans!

How about LISTENING to the fans. Not the ones that come to a race and barely know a race is going on because they are busy partying and schmoozing but the real fans that sacrifice their hard earned money and time to attend an event because it’s a passion to them.

I truly believe that the best days of Indy car type racing is in its past.  However, that doesn’t mean that IndyCar racing can’t become respectable and relevant again.  It just takes leadership that gets its collective head out of its ass Gimmicks just won’t do it.


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