Nascar it’s time to give Pocono Speedway an ultimatum!

Twice this year fate has been tempted at Pocono Speedway because of a lack of safety improvements.


In June, Kasey Kahne almost went out of the track when turned at high speed.




sadleruse This past Sunday, Elliott Sadler went head first into a wall in front of a dirt embankment that tore the engine from his car. That same incident saw Kurt Busch hit an inside wall at high speed ripping an entire wheel assembly off the car. Those incidents show the horrendous safety shortcomings of Pocono.


I believe Nascar needs to take a stand and tell Pocono ALL safety concerns must be addressed and fixed to Nascar and most importantly driver standards before one more wheel will turn at the track in a Nascar machine but will they?

No more talking the talk of safety.  It is past time to walk the walk especially at Pocono.