Good guys do finish first!

Brack through air I must admit, I’ve never really watched ESPN’s Summer X-Games more than a total of 15 minutes through the first 14 years of the event.  That changed this past Sunday as I watched Rally Cross in X-Games XV because Kenny Brack was racing.

Kenny hasn’t race competitively since coming back from very serious injuries and racing at the Indianapolis 500 in 2005. He was invited to race one of the specially prepared production-based Ford Fiestas by Swedish-based Olsbergs Motorsports Evolution who handled the cars and Ford Racing.  It turned into an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The 1999 Indianapolis 500 winner first went out and set quick time in seeding time trials..and then used his smooth driving style along with a little luck to go all the way to the gold medal..beating out teammate and Motorcross star Tanner Faust in the semi-final and then defending 2008 champion Travis Pastrana in the finals.  All of this with no racing for 4 years and no experience in anything like Rally Cross in the X-games which included a jump!

Brack on car I’ve known the 43 year old Kenny Brack since he started racing Indy type cars in the mid 90’s and it did my heart good to see him jump on top of his Ford Fiesta and celebrate the victory.

Kenny is truly one of the nice guys in racing.  His sense of humor and smile always made him someone I enjoyed not only interviewing but also just talking with.  He also was one of the best drivers out on the track, competing with the top names in the world in CART and the IRL.

To me, what Kenny did at the X-games over the weekend was the biggest story in racing.  (Okay, there might be an argument for Ron Hornaday winning a 5th straight Nascar Camping World Truck Series race.) He went from being a driver coach to young aspiring racers to showing the Millenial and Gen Y crew that heavily populate all X-games competition that “old” guys still rule!  Take that you whipper snappers!