Can Juan Pablo Montoya and Brad Keselowski save Nascar?

Nascar Sprint Cup attendance is down and television ratings also continue a downward spiral.  Sure the economy is in trouble but I think so is Nascar and it has to do with the style of racing it delivers to the fans.

In this Exhaust Fumes video blog, I give my thoughts on what is wrong with Nascar’s racing and if Juan Pablo Montoya and Brad Keselowski could be the series saviors!


Wednesday Exhaust Fume Ramblings

Did you miss Tuesday night’s Pit Pass USA show on the PowerUp Motorsports Channel? If you did, you missed an extended conversation with 14-time NHRA Champion John Force. I’ll recap the highlites.

I also weigh-in on whether Jimmy Johnson has just about locked up his 4th straight Nascar Sprint Cup title and what is wrong with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Monday morning ramblings!

Exhaust Fumes decides to try and join the digital media revolution by going video.  Hopefully the face you are seeing will not send you into therapy.

There is life outside of Nascar!

I did not watch one minute of the Nascar Sprint Cup race at Kansas on Sunday.  For me, that is unheard of.  Usually, if I’m not at the race, I’m firmly ensconced in my Lazy Boy watching the action on TV.

Sunday, I went to a friend’s birthday party and talked with real people about everything except Nascar and racing.  Guess what, I’m still alive today!

I was afraid I’d be like a drug addict having withdrawals.  I’d be squirming, vomiting and have all sorts of body contortions but none of that happened.  I didn’t have an empty feeling that I had somehow missed something important to my life.  I felt, well NORMAL!

I now wonder if those dwindling television numbers for Nascar are because others have wandered into the desert of no Nascar and they too have found the oasis there of normal life.

Have they found family outings again.  Could they be actually going outside and participating in physical activities?  Maybe they are..gulp..reading a new book.  Of course these wandering fans could also just be so engrossed in posting to Facebook and sending out their latest Tweet on Twitter so that they don’t have time for something as trivial now as Nascar.

I guess what I’m saying is that there’s a lot more to life than just sitting in front of the television for four or five hours every Sunday and watching Nascar.  Hopefully America is finding that out and reconnecting with real life.