I want MY Indianapolis 500 back!

I have watched since 1996 the demise of the Indianapolis 500 from the premiere racing event in the world to now being not even the top racing event on Memorial Day weekend in the United States! (Can you say the Coke Zero 600 at Charlotte?)

Once upon a time all the top drivers in the world from Formula 1, Nascar, or wherever they raced, came to Indianapolis.  Not anymore.

The Indianapolis 500 had bigger-than-life heroes of racing.  Now they have Milka Duno.

The Indianapolis 500 had innovation.  I remember the Lotus cars coming to Indianapolis, the McLaren, the March, the Lola, the Eagle, the Chaparral and many more.  The cars were stars along with the drivers that man-handled them around the 2.5 mile oval.  Now we have a spec car with a spec engine.

Because the Indianapolis 500 has lost its luster, the Speedway in trying to bring “excitement” back to qualifying changed from giving each car three tries to make ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” during the month of May to three tries EVERY DAY of qualifying.  That was 12 chances to make the Indianapolis 500! 

Now they’ve made a mockery of the run for the pole at Indianapolis.  You need to run 8 laps to win the pole because after you first qualify on pole day, you now have to return to the track in the final 90 minutes with the 8 other top qualifiers and do it again.  (Read details here) Why?  Because they want “excitement.”

I’ve had it.  Tradition means absolutely nothing to these people and that’s why real race fans are turning away.  Do they really think the “drive-by” viewers that might tune in will become race fans? 

Call me old-fashioned, call me a relic, but also call me someone that grew up going to Pole Day when I was barley out of diapers with my family.  I attended my first Indianapolis 500 in 1966 when I was 14.  I broadcast the Indianapolis 500 from 1980 to 1995.  I care about what the Indianapolis 500 is suppose to be.  Sadly, it will never be what it was ever again. Thankfully, I’ll always have my memories as do thousands of others who were fans but are turned off by all the gimmickry which has become the Indianapolis 500.



  1. Dear old-fashioned, relic

    How right you are. This year practice has been reduced, to save money. But practice can be reduced because they have been running the same car for so many years there is nothing more they can do to it.

    Having been involved in the Kentucky Derby for years I understand what tradition is about. As for tradition in open wheel racing it is just a memory.

  2. I grew up here. My Dad’s company (Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning) sponsored many cars during the golden era. I got to hang around and meet drivers. Qualifications were magic. I, too, miss my Indianapolis 500.

  3. I remember the Bryant & Heating cars well! Thankfully we do have our memories.

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